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Customers must be at least 18 year-old.


Regular income to qualify for our loans.

Your Title

Your title must be lien-free.

Deer Crest Title Cash provides car title loans. Auto title loans Irving are secured loans that provide cash in exchange for free-and-clear car titles. Your car title is such a valuable form of collateral that we know you'll do everything in your power to make all of your payments.

This is how title loans Irving work: you bring us the title to a car you own outright. We'll place a temporary lien on your title and give you the money you need. Make all your payments and we'll return your title to you. If you run into trouble making your payments, give us a call and we'll work out a new repayment plan. If you don't make your payments and refuse to work with us, we have the right to take your car and sell it to cover the amount of your loan plus any necessary expenses.


The application process begins here. We have a preset form that asks for minimal information about the car you're using for the loan. We need to know your car and your contact information:

  • Age, make, model and approximate mileage
  • Your name, phone number, email and ZIPcode

Once you submit this, our system will generate an accurate loan quote based on your vehicle's current value. Our loans are determined by your car's worth; you could qualify for hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars!

After you receive your quote, we'll call to see if you have any questions. We can also guide you through the rest of the application if you're ready. The full application is short and easy. We can put the money in your hands in under an hour!

We let you keep your vehicle while you pay off your loan. Use it as much as you need to. When you pay off the loan, we'll remove our temporary lien and return your title to your hands.

Let Our Loans Help You!

Why waste any more time worrying about money? As long as you can show us that you're capable of making your payments, we'll get you in a loan.

Whatever you need the money for, we're here to help you get it. Why not see how much money you qualify for right now? Our loan quotes are free and have no strings attached. Take a quick peek and see how much you could get. If you like what you see, we're here to put that money in your hands as soon as you're ready for it!